My top iphone app list 04 – GroupQ

When I got my Iphone is was mostly ok. I could get most of my stuff working directly without to much work. You have to have a windows box (Virtualbox works for me) with itunes in to be able to sync it, but that’s OK. I kind of did know about that even before I get the phone.

But one thing that threw me off a bit to start with was that there is NO way in the standard programs to handle groups for you contacts. if you sync you contacts for outlook or any other desktop it will work but you have to set the groups there.

GroupQ allows you to work with the groups on the iphone.


With this app you can work with contact groups on you iphone. If you like me don’t sync to Outlook or any other desktop system that will handle groups for you, this is the prefects app for you.

You can add new groups to it, create a contact in a group directly from it, set groups for any contact that’s already in you contact list.

There is a bad comment/rating in itunes that it crashes all the time, but that has never happened to me. Perhaps it due to the fact that i forcefully closes apps all the time so I only have Phone, SMS, ipod and iTimeSheet running all the time.

So I give it a 5 star rating definitely.


Programname: GroupQ
iTunes link:
Price: $0.99


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