Patch problem in Startrek Online

I am playing Startrek Online some time. most of the time I have to relax, im playing EVE and EVE is my “main love” as games, but I love StarTrek so I’m playing StarTrek Online a bit also. But I was almost to the point where I would end my subscription. It started some weeks ago when the new episode started releasing. I had patch problem. And I was not alone in this.

First of all I had a problem with the launcher – sometimes I got the message about invalid certificates. And the download stops until you press OK. Anoying but of the download is quick enough its ok. I can live with this. BUt then the download started to get disconnected from the server, or just hanged. And I could end the download, restart and it would download the same X mb again. Over and Over again. Sometimes it managed to get a bit further on its way, but most of the time it was just doing the same thing over and over again.

I searched the forums, checked and open firewall ports, tested networks to no luck. But today I found out something.

I discovered that I had 127 GB of downloaded temporary internet files in the IE temp directory. I cleaned out this and the patch when like a rocket – hanged a couple of times but manage to download and patch all in a very short time.

In wine the directory you should look at is:
$HOME//.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/$USER/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files/Content.IE5

I cleaned out that directory and the directories in there (rm -rf * works but be carefull)

Perhaps something simelar helps in windows – but again – im a linux guy and dont have a windows system to test on.

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