Well I have spent quite some time now listening to the whole series of Dune books. At the moment im into the last 3 books – House Atreides, House Harkonnen and the last one House Corrino. So im soon done with them.

But one of my podcasts that I like to follow is Nobilils Erotica – yes, its defenetly an x-rated podcasts but he writes wey well and I have now been following that podcasts since episode 32 I think it was. Some times ago he had a serie of a novell called Scouts, and now he has relreleased it as Scouts Remastered. With a full cast crew and all. And he has released it on podiobooks.com. I did go there to get it and its quite a nice site. Here is a link directly to the book.

I did come across the Solar Clipper series of book also and this are also very good. Not x-rated, but pure SciFi. And I can tell you, you cant put down the book – i mean the ipod when you listen to it. Its very nice. Is a full serie and you have “Quarter Share”, “Half Share”, “Full Share” and “Captains Share”. And Nathan Lowell is working on Owners Share also. Here is a link to the first book in the series and Nathan has a website about the age ofthe solar clipper also. Very nice.

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