STO: Mission – Stop that signal

Stop the signal is a mission in the Lieutenant grade. This one has a space part, killing of some klingons on the listening station, and then a battle with twist in the end.

When you warp into Bomari System in the Risa Sector of the Sirius Sector Block you first have to scan a signal repeater. And there are some klingons that are defending it ofcuase.

If you do like me and scan for anomalies here you might see strange Dreadnaught, but avoid this for now.

When scanned the signal repeater you will find that they are sending someting to Bomari II and you warp there to investigate. When you arrived there you will find that you cant transport down to the station as there are four transporter disruptors prevent you from beaming down. You have to kill them and there are klingons guarding them.

Listening station

When you have destroyed the disruptors you can beam down to the station – if you move close enough to it. Once there your job is to set six spatial charges on the station’s plasma heat exchangers. There are one in the corridore just next to where you warp in.

One on the room to the left in the corridor and then 4 around the control room in the end of the corridor. When you have set all the spatial charges, you will need to download the data from the computer console. This will get disrupted by a new gang of klingons beaming in. Be carefull – theer are atleast 2 targ handelers in the group so make shure you take them out as early as you can to get rid of the targs.

When you killed the klingons you can upload the data again and youre done on the station.

Battle with the Undine

When ariving in space you have a klingon ship on your heals directly. Kill it off and you will get a message that there are a battle going on neary. I did actually scan down 2 anomalies here before going on to the battle.

When arriving at the battle the Undine Tethys Dreadnaught is already in battle with klingon ships and you need to help them. Only the combined force can defeat the Dreadnaught. Don’t pay too much attention to the Frigates, as they will constantly respawn no matter how many you take out.

After the Dreadnaught is taken out, you’ll need to mop up the remaining frigates and then the battle is won.

You are now done, so warp out to sector space and contact Starfleet. Admiral Quinn offers you some merits, skillpoints, and a choice between a new weapon for your ship or a uncommon Bridge Officer. As i did this a bit later I could retrain one of my officers instaed of getting a new one – not to god, and I should probably have selected a weapon if I could select again. But if you dont ave 4 officers go ahead and get one.

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