STO: Mission – Patrol the Orion Sector

The next mission I did was the Patrol the Orion Sector mission.

This is an Patrol Mission. You will need to go and:

  • Patrol the Reytan System
  • Patrol the Kinjer System
  • Patrol the Una System
  • Patrol the Pellme System

Patrol the Reytan System

Hree you meet some more Orion ships and do some space battle.

Patrol the Kinjer System

More space work. You need to get data from 5 probes, and when you done that you need to eliminate a Enemy installation.

Patrol the Una System

Here are some more space work. There are some hidden/cloaked Klingon forces you need to find and eliminate.

Patrol the Pellme System

This is a gound mission. You need to first scan the planet, beam down, scan one of the sensors and the go to the rest of them (4) and repair them. No combat.

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